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In this latest update we bring you great news!

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- Added Option to use "Guild Warehouse" to Guild Members.

- Fixed Icarus Teleport from Level 220 to 200.

- Fixed BattleRoyale event will be started in Thursday (+5000 VIP Credits for the Winner!)

- Fixed Bug with Emerald and Dragons Bow

- Disable "Confirm" box when you buy Items from the Arena Master

- Added Gemstone Mystery Chest to the Arena Master for 10000 Arena Points

- Added to Arena Master new box "Socket Mystery Chest" from this box you will get: Seed Spheres.

- Added new stone thats called "Archangel Battle Stone" With this stone you will be able to participate in the PVP Events. (Battle Royale, Guild Wars)

- Added new Mix to Chaos Machine "Create PVP Championship Invasion" to combine this invasion you need Battle Stone + Jewels. - Blood Castle Time change to Every 4 hours

- BK Wings Model [Tier 8 & 13] Changed .

- Dark Archangel Divine Weapons Released!

- Added "Dark Evolution Stone" (Tier 4) - Added Effects to Ice Dragon / Fire Soul Dragon / Dragon of Darkness Weapons!

- Added Effects to Dark Archangel Divine Weapons

- Added New combines with Jewel of Darkness to the Chaos Machine.

- Fixed Infernal Guardian Drop: "Fire Soul Dragon Ticket".

- Fixed Infernal Guardian Drop: "Fire Soul Dragon Ticket"

 - Changed Mounts to Original pet picture.

- Added New Quest to "Swamp of Darkness"

- Panda Master! - Fixed Nova Skill SM - Fixed Excellent Items Option "Increase zen by +10%" - /Zen Command Canceled.

- Added New spots to Arena Top Side (Level 200 Mosnters!)

- Fixed Lock command can buy from a personal store.

- Fixed duel command with command lock activeted.

- Fixed Skills use on Custom pet.

- Fixed impale skill with custom mounts pets

 - Fixed turn into pk when kill other pk.