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Server Update | 27/12/2020

Server Updates 27/12/2020
Dear ArchangelMu Community, we want to thank you all for taking part in our server.
We are really appericiate that you communication with the server and all of you want to make ArchangelMU the best.
2 Days passed since we opened the server and we was here to listen for all your problems in-game & answering your questions in the Voice Channel.
We want to say thank for all of you for participating in the Beta Version of ArchangelMu and helping us to improve the server before is going to be released out
to the Internationoal community and become a worldwide server .
In this patch we was working about new few things we have been added into the server include bugs were fixed by us.
If you have any problem or you found anybug please report to us with the forum community / discord channel so we can help in that case.
Regards, ArchangelMU.

1. Blood Castle - Fixed (Now its won't dc / teleport you out of the event) - go to get your Archangel Mystery Chests!

2. Scale Helemet (cannot be equipped by DarkLord) - Bug Resolved.

3. Chaos Castle Changes: Its very hard to survive , the chaos castle guard allowed to push you back so far.
as a reward the player will survive the Chaos Castle will get a Chaos Card.
This Chaos Card used for Exchange within the Chaos Card Manager in Lorencia:
Reward List of Prizes that can be obtained:
Jewel of Excellent
Jewel of Dark Life
Jewel Of Dark Bless
Jewel of Dark Soul
x10 Jewels of Bless
x10 Jewels of Soul
x10 Gemstone
x10 Jewels of Harmmony
Box of Kundun +1~+7

4. Added new System in the Site : Exchange Online time for Arena Points!
Since the opening we was counting in the site (How much hours you was activity in the game)
From now you can exchange your Online Hours for Arena Points!
Per EACH Hours you has been logged into the game you will earn 100 Arena Points!

5. Master Kundun & Master Selupan (Update 3 - TheRoyal Files)
After the Selupan will be killed a Master Selupan will be spawned right after.
After the Kundun will be killed hes Soul will be released and a Legendary Kundun will be spawned right after!

Legendary Kundun & the Master Selupan has Drop Items updated & 10K Arena Points REWARD!

6. Selupan Drop updated : Frozen Lake Stone 
After the Normal Selupan will be killed he has chance to drop (Frozen Lake Stones)
This stone are used for Teleport into a new map that's Called "Frozen Lake" 
In Frozen Lake you will be able to farm Sphere (Penta) for making the greatest sockets in-game!
(BTW - Frozen Lake owned a special boss that's called - Ghost Rider)
and soon we will detailed more information about this boss & about frozen lake map that's already done!

7. New Commands & Changes
-Added new command-
/bank - This command allowed you to open your bank everywhere in safe zone without NPC!
/top rr - This command will show you the Top (5) Resets of each class you would like to.
/ResetSkillTree - This command will reset you skill tree points, Its cost 10,000 Arena Points to USE!
/Post - Coldown has been changed to 5s from 20.

8. Create Buff Scroll (Update 3 - TheRoyal Files)
In this new update you will be able to create a special buff scrolls within the Chaos Machine !
To create this special buff scrolls you need to combine 2 DarkBless & 2 DarkSouls In the Chaos Machine 🙂

Buff Scrolls can be pretty strong & usefull in PVP Events and Castle Siege.
Scroll of Health - will Increase your MAX HP by 100K for 24 Hours.
Scroll of Mana - will Increase your MAX MP by 100K for 24 Hours.
Scroll of Defense - will Increase your Defense by +150 for 24 Hours.
Scroll of Wrath - will Increase your Attack Damage by +120 for 24 Hours.
Scroll of Wizardy - will Increase your Wizardy Damage by +150 for 24 Hours.
Scroll of Quickness - will Increase your Attack Speed by +70 for 24 Hours.
Scroll of Critical  - will Increase your Critical Damage Rate by +15% for 12 Hours.
Scroll of Excellent - will Increase your Excellent Damage Rate by +10% for 12 Hours.

9. Dismantle DarkBless DarkSoul (Update 3 - TheRoyal Files)
Now you will be able to dismantle 2 Dark Bless to X10 Jewels of Bless bundled
And you can also dismantle 3 Jewels of DarkSoul Into X10 Jewels of Soul bundled
Use the Chaos Machine to Dismantle if you would like to Dismantle this jewels.

10. Santa Claus Quest - fixed
During the Christmas Event Santa claus will give you rewards if you will collect (10 Red Choclate Boxes)
And also kill 25 Cursed Goblins that's stole the chaclate from hes Factory.
After you will finish this quest you will get from Santa
x3 Box of Christmas & 30K Arena Points!

11. Akris Soul Stone - Gemstone Spot (Pre-Quests)
We have been created a new special quests that's allowed to you to teleport into a special 3 Gemstones Spots in Knight Kingdom!
All you got to do is to complete Jernit The Asistance Quest!
Jernit will ask you to bring him (5 Stardust) are getting drop from Akris (Level 1~5) in the game, these Akris Dragons are spawning random in each map (every 15 minutes)
After you will kill 5 Akris Level 5 and Obtain 5 Stardust image.png.067ce891b669bee6ba30b329383b224d.png
Jernit will bring you a Silver Key.
After you recieved the Silver Key from Jernit you will be requierd to find the Enternum Chest (Somewhere at the ArchangelMu World)
And when you will open this chest with the Silver Key you will be able to recieve an Akris Soul Stone image.png.5a5338de2207f85c5067053adc97c91a.png
This Stone Used to Teleport into a Special Gemstones Spots In Knight Kingdom!
Soon we will be release a full guide about the Akris Hunting Season!

Thanks for you communication with us and taking a part at the Beta Version of ArchangelMu.
This is the all the infromation about this update, we hope you enjoy.
Regards,ArchangelMu TEAM!