CopyRight - Credits Page:

All the people featured on this page are copyrighted and ArchangelMu thanks them for doing business with us or posting their work freely on the web. It is important for us to preserve the copyright and for that purpose we have established this page.

First ArchangelMu would like to thank the game company WEBZEN and thank them and for the deveolpters for publishing their original game MuOnline on an open source and giving the opportunity to many young programmers to start creating computer games from these series.

ArchangelMu reserves all copyrights on top of the facts it has added and modified and claims to have also improved all the old sources.

Forum CopyRight - IPS Invision Comuunity.
Our forum system was created by Invision Community and we purchased it from them and we are given the opportunity and authority to operate the forum and we want to thank her for that and also to all the application developers for theirs including the person who created our template design and published it on the internet: Taman.

Official Site - CopyRights
The website system we have is a DMN CMS in a free version which was published on the Internet by the main programmer to allow users to use it for free and it is a much lower version than the system he currently runs, the system has added changes and innovations by us and we also want to keep copyright and thank you Dor Cohen for maximizing the site and making it more accessible for users and giving additional credit to the company from which we purchased the "Game Template" design. - Templshock

Game Additinoal - CopyRight
A list of additional credits on top of the game from various people who helped us develop the game server
MuOnline and promote the game as much as possible technically.
Credits: Kapocha33, Bruno3D , unnamedsk1 , Lilito3D , Refathel Suiza , Louismk1 , smiely , maxvoll , f4ntoma.
We also would like to give a credits for : Zero Launcher for provide a simillar Launcher program for free.
Also we would like to give a credits for ArchangelMu Crew & Users and to say thank you for their help and wishing they will keep help us to promote the community more for free.

If you think we have been forggeten to write your CopyRights is not listed here please contact us via this mail: and we will add you quick as possible.
We are very sorry if you should be listed here and you are not .
Thanks for everything.